Resilience Project

Closing the gap in mental health services

Women and girls are suffering disproportionally in the COVID era and local support for their mental health needs is critical. Our model combines the rigor, experience, and innovation of our counseling training partners; the organizational and program implementation expertise of Komo Learning Centres; and the relatability and energy of peer counselors, into a powerful cocktail. While The Resilience Project is a mental health response to COVID, it aligns with our broader vision and future directions. It fits in well with our focus on youth issues and community health. Thus, we consider The Resilience Project a pilot and will test out several different methods of delivering peer-led mental health counseling support.

Healing and Resilience after Trauma (HaRT)

Our partner Healing and Resilience after Trauma (HaRT) will bring a wellness component to our mental health work, integrating mindfulness practices, breathwork, guided visualizations, and yoga poses. After a cohort of NAWEC and Komo staff completes the full course, we will roll it out with women experiencing mental health difficulties in the community.

Komo Learning Centres is a 501(c)3 non profit organization.

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