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Transforming Ugandan Education

Our vision is to create an engaging, holistic, safe and inclusive educational environment for every student; we believe that in schools exemplifying this vision, learning outcomes will be maximized. To this end, we work with students and teachers to build lifeskills and agency, increase meaningful youth participation and shift school power dynamics.


In the DIY Clubs, secondary school students in Uganda are running the show. They identify challenges in their schools and communities, and take action to solve them. Through hands-on service projects they learn how to communicate and work in teams, develop greater self-confidence and agency, and create a positive school climate. Student projects focus on health, entrepreneurship, and theater.


We provide opportunities for teachers to develop as individuals, building lifeskills and other competencies, such as financial literacy, that help them thrive in and out of school. After building relationships and trust with teachers, we introduce more sensitive topics, including student-centered pedagogy and shifting student-teacher power dynamics


Our vision is a holistic, safe, and just educational experience. By supporting students who can think critically and teachers who embrace student participation, DIY creates a school climate in which young people have the freedom to question, innovate, and make decisions about their own learning. CLICK HERE to see our latest DIY video!


Under DIY, students get a chance to grapple with complex and challenging real-world situations, and work as a team to realize a common goal. In 2020 we engaged 20 schools in Buikwe, Mukono, Kayunga, and Wakiso districts and enrolled 1,500 students and 207 teachers. We are currently in 30 schools and plan to scale to 50 schools in 2022 and 70 schools in 2023.

Komo Learning Centres is a 501(c)3 non profit organization.

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Friendship Village, Kusaatu along Kayunga – Bugerere Road, Mukono District.

Phone: +256 200 903 596

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