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NAWEC Client

Business Woman

“I first interfaced with NAWEC nurses at Mukono in July 2019 during the cervical cancer week camp. I was screened for cervical cancer and I was told I was positive for HPV virus that pr-exposes women to cancer of the cervix, I was very scared as I have seen people die to cancer  and I still have young children to take care of. However, the nurse gave me assurance that all will be well;they treated me and told me the virus had been burnt and that I would be fine. The nurse told me that they would do another test in February, 2020.When I went to NAWEC, I was screened again and the virus was gone. I was so happy and relieved and will forever  be grateful”


Komo Student

Kyambogo University

“I had a dream of starting a juice making business but did not have enough capital to purchase the necessary equipment.During the COVID-19 pandemic,I utilized the savings from my school upkeep given to me by Komo to start a a juice business in front of our house. I  sell a glass at 1000ugshs. Currently I get profits of 15000ugshs a day and from the profits  have expanded my business to serve functions in my community and supported my family of six members. I have also employed as youth to help run the business as I study. In the future I hope to expand my business and employ more youth”

Komo Learning Centres is a 501(c)3 non profit organization.

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Friendship Village, Kusaatu along Kayunga – Bugerere Road, Mukono District.

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