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NAWEC client

Business Woman

“I first interfaced with the NAWEC nurses at Mukono hospital in July 2019 during the cervical cancer week camp. I was screened for cervical cancer and was told that I was positive for HPV virus that pre-exposes ... women to cancer of the cervix, I was very scared as I have seen people die of cancer and I still have young children to take care of. However, the nurse gave me assurance that all would be well; they treated me and told me that the virus had been burnt and that I would be fine. The nurse told me that they would do another test in February, 2020. When I went back to NAWEC, I was screened again and the virus was gone. I was so happy and relieved and will forever be grateful.”

Komo sponsored student

Kyambogo University

“I had a dream of starting up a juice making business but did not have enough capital to purchase the necessary equipment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I utilized the savings from my school upkeep... given to me by Komo to start a juice business in front of our house. I sell a glass at 1,000ugshs.Currently l get profits of 15,000ugshs a day and from the profits have expanded my business to serve functions in my community and supported my family of six members. I have also employed other youth to help me run the business as l study. In the future l hope to expand my business and employ more youth.”

Komo sponsored student

S.5 student at Kisowera Senior Secondary

I joined Do It Yourself Clubs through the community program. I was a very shy girl before l joined DIY, I feared to speak in public and even to people l am not used too, as a teenager, I lacked a role ... model right from home, and school didn’t do much to support my personal social growth. When a team from Komo visited our home and requested my parents to let me join the club, l quickly jumped with excitement because l was literally bored since schools had been locked down due to COVID. I took the opportunity and l don’t regret anything. Through the sessions from the mentors, I have gained self-esteem, I am confident and can easily relate with the public, when the mentors told us to do a needs assessment in my community to identify problems faced by the youth, I found myself leading the group and holding discussions with different youth in my community without being shy. I envision to inspire other youth through teaching them all that l learnt from the club and I am studying to become a business administrator in the future.”

NAWEC client

Nutrition program beneficiary

Shafik was identified by CHW Nansubuga Harriet when she was doing her household registration in Namulugwe village. At two years old, Shafik was living with his paternal grandmother who was also taking care of many of Shafik’s siblings. ... This affected Shafik’s growth pattern. Shafik spent most of his time in the house sleeping, looked always fatigued and uninterested in playing with his peers - he preferred being alone. Our community nurse confirmed the CHW diagnosis and discovered that Shafik had Oedema and muscle wasting. Shafik therefore presented with most of the signs of malnutrition and he was immediately put on the nutrition program. Today Shafik has been discharged and he has shown great improvement in behavior and health. Shafik now lives happily with his mother and maternal grandmother and his development is also being monitored by our CHW.

NAWEC client

Delivery Subsidy Program (DSP) beneficiary

Nalumu was identified by one of our community health worker who referred her to NAWEC for antenatal care services. She comes from an economically disadvantaged family in Wakiso village... I where they earn from hand to mouth with a wage of 10,000ugs doing odd jobs for survival, I like gardening and washing clothes. Nalumu cannot afford a meal, and if she does only gets one a day. The person responsible for Nalumu’s pregnancy abandoned her on learning that she was pregnant and HIV positive. She was left in confusion and wanted to get rid of the pregnancy, but her paternal aunt intervened, convincing her to keep the pregnancy, while sheltering and supporting her. She was enrolled in the DSP program and was given counselling, free ANC services, and treatment in case she was sick. With the help of the program she was able to have a safe delivery from NAWEC. “I am very grateful for the support and help NAWEC has given me, NAWEC has restored my hope of living. Through the counselling services I have received from the nurses and doctors, I have learnt how to take care of myself and my baby. am going to work extremely hard to take care of my child and l hope to become a role model for other single mothers in my community”