Meet our new country Director Matt

December 8, 2014

Matthew French is the Country Director of Komo Learning Centres, Uganda. He was born and raised in the Washington, DC area, but his love of adventure and dedication to serving disadvantaged people have led him to explore many countries throughout the world.


December 2, 2014

I am the first born with two siblings, Esther and Jackson. What I remember is my father died when I was 12 years old. Since then my beloved Aunt has been taking good care of mum, myself and my siblings both spiritually and financially, and also Uncle David Bwogi played a big role. He used to bring us food on Mondays because he had to go to the village on weekends for digging.


November 26, 2014

I was born in 1995 by my mum Nakalanzi Harriet and my father, the late Jackson Male who died in 1996. You cannot imagine never looking at your biological father, because in my mind, I don’t remember his real image, but those were all God’s plans. I have two sisters, Namale Ritah and Nakamatte Esther. When my father died, life became too hard.


November 18, 2014