NAWEC YC on 22nd and 24th June hosted a group of 32 Peace Corps volunteers; this group came to interact with people of the nearby communities. At total of 80 males and females of all ages attended and actively participated in the various discussions carried out. The first day 22nd June was a time scheduled to carry out needs assessment of all the community people that were in attendee. The needs assessment was done according to age and gender, this way participants freely expressed themselves and gave honest information. The discussions were in four areas of Nutrition, Malaria, HIV/AIDS and SRH.

The second meeting held on 24th June was comprised of discussing their findings; suggesting possible solutions and carrying out demonstrations. Youth were divided in to different groups of HIV; malaria and Nutrition. The HIV group had a demo of how to correctly use a condom, but also emphasised ABSTIANACE among the teenagers. People in the Malaria Group were taught more about mosquito nets and they had a practice of how to sew a net. There was a moveable garden (Kale, cabbages, onions) for the Nutrition group and youth were taught the importance of nutritious vegetables in their bodies.