LEAP Cohort 3 youths are now changed citizens, empowered to succeed both economically and socially. On 8 April 2017 over 500 youth turned up to celebrate their interactive and engaging LEAP experience.  After a year of leadership, entrepreneurship, workforce readiness trainings, and respective apprenticeship, the majority of them had secured a job or started a business and many were involved civically involved in their communities.

This graduation was also a chance for LEAP youth to put their businesses on display. These included: shampoo-making, tailoring, book-making and branding, soap-making, and mosquito repellant jelly-making. One of our LEAP stars named Joseph makes chalk and supplies nearby schools at an affordable price. Joseph also makes liquid soap and now has a wide market with schools, health centers, and hotels. From his chalk and soap revenue, Joseph has started a pig rearing project, from which he earns a monthly net income of $150. In his speech to fellow youth, he told his colleagues that “only $10 is enough for you to start a business. If you need training I am ready to offer it for free in soap-making, chalk-making, and pig-rearing.”

Joseph is a true example of a youth who has succeeded through hard work and creativity.