The 4th of December/2015 was such a remarkable day in the history of MCE Uganda and Komo Learning Centres (KLC) when cohort 1 youth of the Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship Program (LEAP) officially graduated. LEAP is a transformative program that provides an alternative education to early school leavers by equipping youth with Entrepreneurial and employability skills to enable them start enterprises or find a job. Unlike other graduations, LEAP youth graduated with a business or a job.

The graduation was spiced up by a great showcase from the graduates with a range of products from their businesses.  In a speech from the Minister Representative from the local government, he assured the LEAP youth that their businesses will not be subjected to tax during their early stages. He pointed out that tax will only be levied on businesses that have gained ground and doing well. In addition, the Local Government presented an award to MCE Uganda and Komo Learning Centres (KLC) for the great work done towards developing the community. This was clear evidence that LEAP has transformed lives of the youth in the community.

To crown up the day, we had an interesting football game between the youth in cohort 1 and cohort 2. The winners which were the cohort 1 youth won themselves a goat.